Batteries Act

Information On The New Batteries Act (BattG)

Information On The New Batteries Act (BattG)

Related to the sales of batteries or accumulators we as a manufacturer are obliged to inform our customers about the regulation of taking-back and disposal of used batteries and accumulators.

A crossed out dustbin means that batteries must under no circumstances be disposed of with domestic waste!

Please do not dispose of old batteries and accumulators with your domestic waste but hand them in free-of-charge at a suitable collection point.

After usage you can either turn in old batteries or accumulators with us at the below mentioned address or you send them sufficiently stamped by post. Batteries which contain pollutants are marked with the symbol of a crossed out dustbin. Beneath the symbol you can see the chemical label of the respective pollutant:

Explanation of symbols and labels:

crossed out dustbin
Batteries and accumulator must not be disposed of with domestic waste
Battery/Accumulator contains Cadmium
Battery/Accumulator contains Lead
Battery/Accumulator contains Mercury

Free-of-charge take-back:

Laird Controls Europe GmbH
Europark Fichtenhain A 13a4
41236 Krefeld