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TH-EC/LO Receiver in 19'' Rack

The receiver electronics TH-EC/LO are housed in a 3 level 19"-rack version. Output commands wired to two connectors type DIN 41612 class »F«

The modular design which uses plug-in cards allow for easy access and a quick exchange of damaged components.All received commands as well as the system status displays, can be read via the LEDs display; two 7 segment displays are externally visible.

Compatible with all TH-EC/LO transmitters.

Standard Model

  • 2-channel dual microprocessor with failsafe monitoring
  • to execute manual and automatic STOP under SIL 3 according to EN 61508 for output commands depending on function SIL2 or SIL3
  • power pack 24VDC
  • separate output for manual stop and automatic emergency stop via 2 positive guided relays
  • commands via relays.For safety relevant functions (coupling) by dual positive guided relays

Standard Model

  • external visible status display via 7 segment plus 5 LEDs for each master/slave process
  • external visible LED display for all output commands
  • 3 plug-in slots
  • 16 bit address coding
  • Output commands wired to two connectors type DIN 41612 class »F«

Available Output Cards

  • Optocoupler output cards
  • Analogue output cards
  • CANopen output cards